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Add to categories people in "invitation sent" list.

As title said, would be really nice able to add people in categories (AKA "Tag as...") while still in "invitation sent" list.

For example:
When trading you may want to add a seller, let's say "-XxX-Jonah", to your friend list. To keep things clean you've made a "Trader" category, but right now he's offline so you have to wait until he's back to do so.
While you're away he changes his name to "J.J. Grenade" and accepts your invite without sending a message (you might be offline, rather than afk).
You're back and the guy you know is gone from the invitations list and is probably stranded somewhere in your 250+ friend list.
Only thing to do is to check your own community history and hope to see the "You're now friend with X" line.

Apply this example in any other case -RL friends, L4D buddies, whatever- and you see what I mean.

Probably already suggested, but didn't find anything in the "already suggested" thread (bit outdated BTW) and after a quick search.
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