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Thumbs up GameSpy Likes Us, They Really Like Us!

GameSpy gave us a "green light" in their This Week in Kickstarter feature! http://pc.gamespy.com/pc/ravaged/1223947p1.html

What is It?
Strip away all of the bad parts of Rage, mix in a little bit of Battlefield 3, focus on vehicle battles where your teammates man turrets attached to said vehicles, throw in some capture-the-flag gameplay, and you've got something awesome in store with Ravaged.

Why We're Talking About It
Have you seen the gameplay trailer? This game looks freakin' awesome already, and it should, because it's almost done. The Kickstarter is to help with the beta testing, marketing, and producing more vehicles for the final game. So anything that's this close to a reality definitely makes me interested because the prospect of actually playing it is pretty high -- this is about making a good thing better.

What're The Odds?
Green Light: It still has over 20 days to go and has already beat the goal by $10K. So at this point it's just a matter of waiting to see what gets added into Ravaged with this new wad of cash.
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