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Wheel slippage?

Heya guys,

for some reason I always get an OP error which contains wheel slippage. Some many times I've done a clean run but always get one OP error: wheel slippage. To make matters even worse: only 0,002%!

The only reason I can think of is that I pull up to hard/fast, but I'm doing that so carefully It would be ridiculous to pull up any softer/slower. Anyone else got this too? If not, what is it what you do that you don't get any?


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wheel slippage is when either you are slowing down too quickly or starting off too quickly. one thing that may help get rid of that tiny percentage is to use the sander button on the F4 HUD, this is used to try and reduce wheel slippage, hopefully this helps your problem
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It's a bug,
You can test this by starting a scenario, clicking on the train, then quiting without moving the train, and if you look in the debrief you'll have wheel slippage at a very low number, like 0,002%
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