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Dual Wield Question


I just started playing Torchlight and my first character I am making is a melee Vanquisher with a focus on the rogue tree. However I have some questions with the damaged displayed when dual wielding.

1)What determines which weapon has it's damaged displayed on the character sheet? I think it may be the stronger of the weapons

2)Does the bonuses from one weapon apply to the other weapon? I thought I noticed a change in the damage when I equipped a weapon with + physical damage but when I just tried it again it did nothing.

3)I noticed a problem with the damage displayed when switching a weapon out. It seems to happen especially after loading a game and it is around 1.5 times the minimum and maximum damage normal. It takes fiddling around with the equipment afterwards to get the accurate damage. Is there anyway to prevent this from happening or a quick way to fix it?

4)Not a dual wielding question but a general one about the damage shown on the character sheet. I was confused with something. The elemental damage done by a weapon is listed under the magic stat. However to get the actual damage done per hit am I suppose to add the "magic" damage and 'strength" damage or is it already include in the "strength damage"?

Sorry for all the questions. I am enjoying the game but am disappointed with the stats given. Nothing about the altered DPS from stats (or skill damage) nor the attack speed of the weapons. It is not a huge deal but gets irritating when trying to determine stats.
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