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Steam validation rejected

Right, this is starting to get really annoying. I've been timing out and getting this error now for a good few weeks. I've gone through all the possible fixes and solutions in this thread and nothing has helped.

I've been getting it on public servers and "warservers" in both Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Source. It seems to happen more often on warserver though, not sure if by some reason I try to send/recieve packets to/from Steam (I assume that is what it's trying to do when I get it) more often on those specific server just because of plugins or configs.

I thought it might've had something to do with the lease time but that doesn't seem to be it either as in the router it says that it's infinite. However if I go into ipconfig that doesn't seem to be right but it's varying quite a bit. I've tried several times to play at the "release time" but nothing has happened except that the release time got put on hold for another hour. I've also checked it directly after I got the error a few times and it does the same thing.

I did change IP a few weeks ago though as I had to get new broadband. I had some trouble with even getting onto google for a while and I couldn't log onto Steam. That seemed to solve itself though, and if it did not I can't really remember what I did to fix it. Anyways, I'm thinking that this might have something to do with it as it seems to have started about the same time as I got new net.

Is there something my ISP would be able to do that would possibly fix it or should I just send a support ticket to Steam (probably going to do that anyways if no one on here can help me).
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