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Noob To the Titan Quest Series - Please Help


I have downloaded both games in the series and I think I have imported the profile between games but I have no idea where one game starts and the other one kicks in.

I have started playing the Titan Quest and have imported (I think) my character to the Immortal Throne but when I start both games (individually) they both start at the same place -at the beginning of the same game map.

I'm struggling here to see where the second "Immortal Throne" fits into the first "Titan Quest" game?

Please help as I'm so confused

Is the IT an expansion or an integration into the first game or what?

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The good news is that you hae successfully installed both games and imported your character into TQIT.

They both start in the same scene but TQIT will take you to the final Act.

From this point forward you only need to play from TQIT.
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