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How's the single player campaign/story?

Is it good? Is there even a campaign with a storyline? Or is it that you can only play "multiplayer" with AI?
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These types of games don't typically have a campaign, (donno if that is planned)... this type of game usually revolves around deep Lore/background (story) with random games against AIs.... Think of Civ games... you dont need a campaign, every game you play is its own campaign.
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There is a singleplayer on the Alpha right now, and there will be a multiplayer (you will be able to play with your friends) a bit later. However, there is no campaign indeed.

As for the storyline, a great deal of lore can be found on the official forums (design section), with an explanation on the galaxy, the universe, and so on.

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What a shame.

Every time a new space strategy game is announced I get my hopes up thinking it might be a Homeworld clone. And I always get shot down.
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It's still in Alpha, but there's a pretty solid foundation for lore to be setup. As far as I know so far, it goes like this:

A long time ago, the galaxy was filled with a race known as the Endless. They developed and spread a nanotech called Dust, which is like the Spice Melange from Dune, but with some more properties.

Then an event called "The Schism" occurs and the Endless were split into two factions. The Virtuals and the Concrete.

Then they all dissappeared.

A long time after, your race discovers dust and begins to expand to the stars.

I think that's a fairly accurate account of what the lore is right now.
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I actually have a problem with games that try to impose a story-line when clearly, the game was not designed with one in mind. Then again, I like abstract games. I always would rather have no story than a half-baked one or one based on the usual cliches. Maybe I am not in the majority with that opinion, or maybe I am (then again, even bad science fiction sells).
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Originally Posted by Haldur View Post
...then again, even bad science fiction sells...
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I'm very very tempted to get this game!

I'm a Huge fan of Homeworld and I've been waiting years for something 'kinda' similar to come along. The story of HW2 and those superb animated pictures during the cinematic scenes have never been forgotten!

If you Dev's are considering burying some kind of Single Player campaign within(what appears to be) a sandbox game then I reckon you'll have me sold on this game.

Maybe a choice of complete FreeForm play or a 'directed-sandbox' story driven game would suit both us campaign folk and the lovers of Sandbox games.

While I do like SandBox games I still have a special place in my heart, and a preference, for Story driven games. They appear to be rare in the 4x field these days which is a shame!

Maybe Amplitude Studios can fill this void!

One question...will this game be moddable, after release, so the community can create their own ships and even campaigns etc..?
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having a story line in these types of games is like trying to have a story line in Sim City, or Civilisation. It just doesn't need it. The story line is your story.
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Old 05-22-2012, 09:53 AM   #10
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Just purchased, it seems to be a great game. Count me in.
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Sadly this is not the sort of game for a storyline to be included.
Any story that tries to get added to turn based 4X games ends up being shallow at best.
Difficult to really manipulate or apply to any satisfaction within the framework of the game.

Homeworld it is not, and shan't ever be.
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Re: the game "Homeworld." "Homeworld" was unique because it had an innovative game system (similar in many ways to SoSE) that was used to parse a gripping sci-fi story (similar in many ways to "Battlestar Galactica"). The game system was good enough to stand on its own, while the tale would have made a good (or even great) movie. That is a combination that is both rare and memorable.
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I've had the good fortune to have worked on about a dozen game stories, including some strategy games (RUSE, Heroes 6). For a 4X game, however, it is difficult to add a story because a story requires some sort of narrative control in the form of quests, objectives, etc.

The whole point of Endless Space is to search, explore, and conquer at your own speed in a galaxy-sized sandbox. If we add a story, many of the gameplay elements must to some extent be under our control, not yours, in order for the tale to progress.

So while we could do that, and have done a lot of story-driven games in the past, we decided not to do it here. The 'story' is there, but it is in terms of a universe with a history and lore and within the gameplay certain events that occur. But beyond that, the story is in your hands.
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There really is no need for campaign in this kind of game.
Some scenarios are doable I suppose (like in SotS or Civ), but I usually don't even play them, as the default sandbox mode is infinitely more fun.
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Hi Folks

With these types of games story modes can be fun but the replay-ability comes from it being able to still provide fun hour after hour in the 'sandbox' part of the game. when i think back to games i have played in the past and think 'I really enjoyed that game...might dig it out' it is for the free play mode! So i think this game will be fine without a story as it is great fun now.
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