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Far Cry 1 Black Screen, Need help :(

So yea, after long time i decided to play some Far Cry (non steam)
So i instaled the game and all newest patches i started game on high (graphic,texture,water etc)

I played it for like 10 minutes so i decided to put everything on very high/ultra high...After i did that i had to restart my game so i did it.

After i started my game again it just stopped on black screen, it stops there forever (not responding)
Nothing works after that and im mad, srsly.

Things that i already tryed:
-changed everything on very high/ultra high except light on high (didnt work for me)

- i downloaded 2 files: MSVP71.DLL and msvcr71.dll (didnt work)

- restarted my pc milion times,updated graphic drivers (nothing)

i used google and couldnt find anything that would fix my problem so dont give me that sort of answer please.

I do have non Steam version but that isnt reason im getting this problem.

Please dont say that my PC is weak or something, that is worst question you can ask desperate man, and every time i watch other posts on other forums about similar problems i find atleast one smartass asking that.

Im using Windows 7 32 bit intel procesor and ati graphic card (only info that il give, anything else would be waste of typing)

Please help me to fix this thing before i delete FC and plese dont give me stupid answesrs or questions

My game worked before so yea my pc aint overheating my drivers aint old and my pc and crap (gosh hope i wont get that kind of answers,if i get some)
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Right, this is not exactly a solution, but I found out what is causing this for me.
It's not all the High settings that makes screen go black, it's just the lighting.
So delete system.cfg (or run the config tool, either works)
and set everything on ultra high, except lightning, leave that on lowest possible setting.
So this way I can play with all the settings, but no lighting.

P.S. Would be good if someone found a permanent fix for this.
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Originally Posted by Dyssomniac View Post
set everything on ultra high, except lightning, leave that on lowest possible setting.

This guy is basically right except I've got it to work with lighting on high so it's just the very high option that is whack. Also I set it to disable visual themes when launched just in case that's an isssue.

Edit: The only issue I have so far is it being stuck on the Far Cry logo after quiting the game but nothing Crlt + Alt + Del can't fix.

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