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Exclamation Reverser/Brake

Why is it, that sometimes when I play a scenario, that at the beginning, everything works without a problem, then later, for some unknown reason, usually in Shunting/Switching scenarios. The Brake refuses to work, and the Reverser works as the brake instead.

And n, it isn't on the modern locos which don't use the brake at all and have the Throttle as the brake. Its on the US diesels mainly, SD40s, F7s, GP9s, SW1500s.

I get through most shunts/switches without problems, but now and again, when I apply the brakes they don't work, at least not with the brake lever. The Reverser, when moved backwards/forwards becomes the braking lever, you can hear the brakes squealing as they are applied, when moving the Reverser, no matter where the actual braking lever is, and the braking lever is useless.
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Dunno, I don't drive in cab mostly. I might use the "head out" view, but all locomotives have in cab controls that are knackered. All of them. And I don't use that silly Fisher Price F4 HUD. I use the keyboard and mouse, the F3 and the F5 HUD's.

There are some enhancement packs, like Trains and Drivers offers, for controls, FOV, lighting, but default RSC stuff is not worth being in cab.

Also, some locomotives do use the same control for accelleration and brake, so you have to take a look at the readme file, see how that loco is configured.
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