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How do you make a patrolling Metro Cop?

Hi, I was wondering how you would have a metro cop patrol, as in go from one destination to another destination (back and forth), and wait at the destination for a couple seconds before going to the next/ prior destination. Also would it be possible to have a cop follow a path to a button then turn it off or on, then go back to the patrol?
ex: Guard is patrolling the area (going back and forth between 2 destinations in close proximity to each other), then the player hits a light switch (turning off the lights). The cop, regardless of his position, stops his patrol and goes to the button (goes to turn the lights back on). He then walks up to where the light switch is and the lights are triggered back on. He then goes back to assume his patrol.

Kinda ambitious I know, but anyone have an idea how to do this? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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Read these three articles:
These three articles explain the entities needed to accomplish your patrolling Metrocop.
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