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Shank combos and weapons

Is there any tutorial on combos and weapons? Or maybe someone can give some? I have 2 gamepads and we played the coop campaign with friends up to the level where Shank tells his girlfriend to wait in the car and comes to another mission. On the screenshots for this game I can see Shank shooting with Mac submachine gun. Since we're in the story for quite long, do I have to play single player to unlock new weapons? I'm confused since I see horizontal arrows near chainsaw and vertical near pistols on the HUD but I can't seem to change weapons with any keys I press. I suppose D-pad should switch weapons when I unlock them, right?

Also regarding controls and combos, the game is great to play together and hit whatever button there is - it looks awesome with many various ways to kill, but I would like to know how to play it with thinking, not just randomly smashing everything around. So can someone give me a hand on this? Here's what I figured there is:

L) Dodge / saves when you get grabbed or to run through enemies
R) Grab enemies

L) Grenade
R) Burst-jump on top of weak enemies

Y) Light attack with knives
X) Heavy attack with chainsaw
B) Jump
A) Pistols

I guess that's all there is. So the question is what combos can we peform with these, most importantly together with the second player? What can beat big guys and what only works for the small enemies? What are the special conditions for the combos etc? Hope you can help me out The game is absolutelly awesome even without that knowledge, I can't believe metascore is below 80, it's such an awesome tribute so well made I'm really impressed.
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