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Such a shady developer.

So tell me. between the 17k from kickstarter for doing absolutely nothing, and the large amount of Steam Sales.

Why in the flying *** is so much of the game "placeholder"? Im not even talking about the blatant game bug like not launching the game, Im talking about characters not fully animated, monotone Voice announcements, wonky vehicle textures. The lack luster gun sounds, Badly animated particles, The 2d paper aiming sights.

What is it about giving Developers money that seems to trigger them to give atrocious quality?

And to the lousy Dogs that say "people complain too much" Bite the Big one, or the dust which ever comes first. You morons are why These Devs get the gall to do this in the first place, you tell them its ok. They show up and pull this kinda nonsense. Hell I haven't even touched on the fact that the Dev's "allegedly" Stole material to make the game. Personally if it would have made it a better game I wouldn't mind....

This is my last Steam purchase. They seem to have as much Quality control as a Chinese toy factory. Even EA's Origin takes more responsibility.
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Bravo. You may step off your soap box now.
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