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Lightbulb Joint Steam Game Purchasing

As I'm sure everyone's aware, there are a growing number of co-operative titles which are available to buy from Steam as a 4-Pack. While this a great idea to save money when you and a few friends want to all play the same game, its unlikely that one of the four is generous or decadent enough to buy three spare copies for his mates. When this is the case, it can sometimes be difficult to organise the subsequent transfer of funds between gamers.

As a remedy to this situation, my suggestion is to allow multiple Steam users to contribute to the purchase of a title and - in the case of aforementioned 4-Packs - automatically receive their copy of the game. In the same way that you can invite another user to the trade of an in-game item, you could start a group purchasing lobby and invite other users on your friends list to buy a game with you.

An alternative route may be the simple transfer of money between Steam wallets, in order to reimburse another user for the gifting of a spare copy of a game.

Thanks Valve, for all your hard work in making Steam the best gaming platform in the world today.
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I think a group purchasing lobby might be too complicated, confusing too.

But I would agree with an easy simple way to transfer steam wallet money.
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And if one user does a chargeback not the usual one but three other people will be screwed.
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I don't think a group purchase could be that hard to use. Have something like the trade window where one user selects a game to group purchase, then let anyone invited to view that window see what's being proposed and how much money each user is putting towards the total. When all viewing users decide on their contributions and finalise their payments (assuming the total meet the required price) the item is bought, funds are deducted from Steam Wallets and copies are allocated to the accounts of the users.
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