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Portal 2 error

Something weird. I was just playing Portal 2 an hour or so ago and took a break. Went to jump back into it and I got some bizarre error message about .dll files. The game just simply wouldn't launch.

So I verified the game files and I had 227 files that needed to be "reacquired". Game worked fine after that.

The game has never done that before, wonder if it was my computer being stupid or if it was somehow DLC related?

Anyone else run into this just now? Just seemed like weird timing for me to get an error on a game I've had installed for months now.
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Spyro Cool
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I'll try opening mine. Then I'll tell you if it's happening to me too.

EDIT: Works for me. Sorry.

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The DLC isn't out yet, probably some file got corrupted. Try a cache re-check and see if it helps.
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Something similar happened to me recently with Serious Sam 3. Had to download 1.3GB of files on two occasions! My guess is it's something to do with the steam server you connect to having different files or maybe anti-virus software... other than that I haven't a clue.
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Had that issue twice last night with P2 but only one file for me each time.
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My Portal 2 doesn't start either. Every time I run the cache check, it states that it couldn't verify 1 file and then re downloads client.dll and server.dll.
I read somewhere that deleting ClientRegistry.blob would solve such issues. Tried that, and it didn't fix it either.
What can I do?
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