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Bulletstorm won't open

So after a long hiatus on playing this game(particularly due to it forcing to reset my password almost every damn launch), I decided to give it a go. I click play, get passed the steam key message, than get the small BULLETSTORM image in middle of my screen, then nothing. It disappears and the process stops.

Anyone have a clue what I could do here?
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Well you haven't said what if anything you have tried so I'll go through the list.

1. Verify your game cache.
R-click game in library/L-click properties/local files/verify the integrity of your game cache

2. Blob fix after which verify you game again.
Exit Steam, find and rename you ClientRegistry.blob file, restart Steam sign back in. Don't forget to veity agin then give the game another shot.

3. Double check and make sure some update to either your OS or A/V isn't causing you A/V,Firewall or DEP to kill the exe. grant exceptions as required.
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Just did all three. Verify was done without a problem, changed the blob to a new name, restarted steam, and verified again. Windows doeosn't appear to be ing about it, and my AV had it set to a low trust(as I do with 90% of my programs), but put it at fully trusted. Still no game. It shows the small center image, that disapears, my screen seems to refresh(as if it was about to load the game, but decides not to. Just an incredibly quick flicker that I didn't even notice the first couple times), then nothing.

Have any more advice for me, aside from reinstalling?
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Something is still killing the process.

Well just looked and the game is a GFWL game. Could be an issue with Live. I used to have a lot of issues with Live until I replaced the GFWL client back in November of 2010 with the latest one from Microsoft. No issues since and everything updates properly. No guarantees but it's something else to try.

This unfortunately is a part of PC gaming, trouble shooting issues. If there is one thing I do like about consoles, it's the plug and play ease of use. Now if they would just properly support the KB&M.


PS: If it doesn't want to update properly then manually uninstall GFWL in the control panel and then reinstall GFWL.
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Thanks for the help, I'll probably try to reinstall the game if reinstalling gfwl doesn't. I definitely understand trouble shooting being common on the PC, I have countless hours dredging through forums trying to find my problems. In hindsight I don't know why I didn't at the very least verify game files as I do that quite regularly, even if its a hidden repair function somewhere for a non-steam game.
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I had the same problem, in my msconfig (start -> run -> msconfig -> ok -> services) I had the "Windows Live Sign-in Assistant deactivated. When I activated it again, Bulletstorm just started and everything was fine.
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Old 05-20-2012, 07:25 AM   #7
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I fixed this by leaving Games For Windows Live Marketplace up while running the game. Nothing else worked.
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I got it to work by downloading the GFWL client that MADDOGGE posted earlier on in this thread.
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Having the same problem. Trying to run the game for the first time, it said "installing GFWL" as step 4 of 4. But apparently it didn't install properly.

I have Batman:AA, DoW2, and Fallout 3 that I have played on this PC as recently as Feb. and GFWL was working fine then. Now after having this problem with Bulletstorm, I decided to try to fire up those other games, and they all crashed on startup as well, even though they didn't a few months ago.

What's really odd is the file linked up above is from May 2011, so I've definitely used GFWL since then, and should be even more up to date on my PC. Guess I'll try it and see.

Makes me wonder if the Bulletstorm installer is installing an older version of GFWL that doesn't work right anymore? I really wish I could turn off those first-time setup installers on Steam... I really don't need DirectX installed 100 times.

EDIT: That installer did fix it. WHen it was installing it confirmed that I already had GFWL installed, but it said the Windows Live Sign-in ID Assistant was not installed. Still doesn't make any sense how that part could have been removed in the last few months. No wonder people get annoyed with GFWL...

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Kitsune Sniper
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I have to reinstall the GFWL client once a month. It just... stops working for me for some reason. I think maybe Windows Update breaks it? That's the only program I run regularly on my computer.
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