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Unhappy Skin Weight Help!

I'm working with a team on making a stand-alone Portal 2 mod, and I'm the 3d modeler/animator. I've created a model and have done all the procedures to get it ready for animation and compiled it as a dynamic object with a test animation. When I view the model in HLMV, the skin deforms oddly during the animation.

Here's a comparison of the animation in HLMV and 3ds Max 2012.

The envelopes/vertex weights have changed, or defaulted back to their original state they were in before I manually edited them? In 3ds Max, I gave many vertices custom weights with the weights dialogue tool, and applied morph angle deformers on a couple envelopes, but they're not apparent in HLMV.

I really need help on this once, especially since progress in this team has been going slow, with me running into so many problems with Portal 2 Authoring Tools. I've figured them all out until now, but this one I just can't figure out.

Here's my QC file if it's needed.

$cd "C:\Users\Tim\Desktop\portal2_dev\chell\models "
$modelname "chell\chell.mdl"
$body model "chell_ref.smd"
$cdmaterials "chell"

$surfaceprop "flesh"

$collisionjoints chell_phys {

$mass 222.2
$inertia 1
$damping 1
$rotdamping 1
$rootbone "bone_pelvis"

$sequence test "chell_animation_test1" loop
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