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How do you make a citizen talk?

Hi, I was wondering how exactly you would make a citizen say something. I know how you would browse for normal dialogue with the ambient_generic sound browser, but I dont know how to make a certain npc say something, and have their mouth match up with the speech.Thanks
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When you want to make your own speech, that is a bit complicated. However, when you want to use an existing speech, use the logic_choreographed_scene entity.

Give it a name.
Go to Scenefile and click browse to see all existing dialogues.
Then you set a target. Most scenes already set a target in the scene file.
But some also don't have them set, so enter in Target 1 your actors name.
Some scenes also have multiple actors in 1 scene.
Now to run the dialogue, just use the input Start.
When it doesn't work, open the console in-game and see for an error saying that <NAME> is missing as an actor. Then just rename your actor to that name and you can clear the Target 1 then.

WOW that was long. Oh well.
If you didn't understand all that, check out the page on the VDC. There is also a prefab called "npc_gman_overwatch" which uses this entity. There you can see some stuff. Also you can look at some of the default maps.

(I know that could be alot smaller but just to be safe!)
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