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DD acc got VAC Dunno why ?

So I was at army base for a week or so , when I got back and tried to play DD I got this weird message saying I got Banned or something and now I cant access online play , I wanna know why and for what reason?
Either way I wanna know also until when or if this banned is gonna be lifted,if not then I payed for all of this game and its DLC for nothing just to get falsely banned and got out of Online game play?!?
I get it if my char is deleted or something but no more online play.
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Valve Anti-Cheat: Information Thread
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It appears you are VAC banned not TrendyNet banned. Ergo you must have had some kind of cheat enabled while playing DD, or someone using your account did.
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can you play at your army base? Just wondering how you clocked 60 hours
Unfortunately here we cant tell you how or why.
If you honestly believe the ban was unjust, I suggest following GDL's link, then open a steam support ticket.
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60 hours in the last two weeks and you were out of country for a week? Hmm, that doesn't really add up, unless you did nothing else than gaming that single week where you were at home.

Are you sure you are the only one with access to your PC and/or your Steam account?
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