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Question How to set up a multiplayer server?

I need to know how to set up a server in Gmod, because I want to play with my friend on multiplayer. I don't know if I need a "dedicated" or "non-dedicated" server because I dont know what the difference is. What is the difference, which do I need to make, and how do I make it?
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Dedicated is when you use your computers recources and internet connection on its own client to host the server.

Then there is Listen Server, with garrys mod it doesnt work online but it just about works on lan. Listen server is when I think it is player to player connection.

Or it is when you the host leaves the game so does the server.

You would need a moderatly ok computer to host a dedicated server for 4 people. Mostly relies on internet, could be talking out my .

Not entirelt sure how to host one, I looked on youtube a while ago and it wasnt good, it was telling me to download the orange box again through a cmd prompt. So I dont know

Bumping for interest.
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Lightbulb Try Port Forwarding

Are you just trying to connect to one another? Like a private match for Garry's mod? If that's the case, then I might know what you have to do. I'm going to make this very step-by-step for you and anyone else who wants to host a game for themselves.

If you want to set up a private match in Garry's mod (otherwise known as a "listen" or "non-dedicated" server I think) first you will need to forward the correct port on your modem/router. So in your web browser's address bar put in your modem/router IP number. If you're unsure what the IP number is, go to your start button on your desktop and in the search program list type in CMD. A command prompt will pop up showing your username on your computer, in that window type ipconfig. The number that you need will be the Default Gateway number. Without closing the command prompt, go back to your web browser and put that number in the address bar. A new box will pop up asking you to log in to your router. the Username (if you haven't already changed it) should be admin, and the Password: password.

Once logged in to your router find the option that says Port Forwarding. Once in the port forwarding menu you should see an area to open a port or change port rules or something along those lines. In the name for the port put something easy to remember like Garry's Mod or Half-Life (since this port is also the one you need for basically all source games/mods CSS, DoD and whatnot). The start and end port are going to be: 27015, and its protocol is going to be Both or TCP and UDP (on some routers, you might need to create a TCP 27015 and a UDP 27015 separately). Finally, the local IP number is going to be your IPv4 address (Which can be found in the command prompt if you didn't close it).

Anyway, that's what I did, and now I'm able to host games with my friends. I hope that helps!
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Im just trying to set up a server so me and one or two other friends can join, but im not going to be using LAN because we will all be at our own houses.
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Talking My Guide

Check my guide out!
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