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Just finished it.

Wow. Just wow.

Beautiful story, art, voice acting, sound design, music, everything.

Well worth my time and money.
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Great to see another fan joining the fold.

It would be nice for a few more fans to vote highly on it on Metacritic:


As seemingly a few people didn't 'get it' so have been voting it down.
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Unusual Cookie
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Don't even try to fight those in Metacritic.There are so many idiotic reviews for so many other games and movies.
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i finished it today too, i liked it but it felt kinda short. i finished it in an hour, how long took your first run?
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Originally Posted by alxpt View Post
i finished it today too, i liked it but it felt kinda short. i finished it in an hour, how long took your first run?
80 mins... and I took my time.

I liked it too... but I dont think it's some masterpiece like others are saying.
I did get drawn in quite a bit, though not enough to have so much of an emotional response.
And it was really too short, yes.
Also, a couple of textures in the game were repeated quite a bit, and honestly a tad distracting.
Perhaps there is some mod to fix this?

I'm glad I played it... $5 seems about the right price.
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I just finished walking through this story last night.

The good?

1. It's beautiful. This is the only software I've bought where I felt the urge to just stop and look.

I like taking walks. I like stopping to look at nature. This has been one of a very few virtual experiences where I felt a real desire to do that.

There was a section of caves that reminded me deeply of Gustave Dore's illustrations for some reason. There was an increasingly dreamlike quality to many of the images.

2. The story. Told in short clips of dialogue, bits of poetic free verse, and various exhibit-like visuals ... told in a stream-of-consciousness style by an increasingly "unreliable narrator" ... to me, this is a work of literature.

3. The ambiguity. The story is quite puzzle-like, and it's not 100% clear. As you can see in the comments on the forum, there is LOT of discussion about the meaning. I feel a strong urge to go back and experience it again just to look at the pieces and see how they fit.

The bad?
From the comments I had expected a little more freedom to move around. I understood that the only puzzles to solve would be intellectual puzzles rather than the typical Rube-Goldberg-esque puzzles of typical adventure software. I understood that I would not be able to move things around. I even understood from the comments that I would not be able to run or jump.

What I did not realize was that this environment has all the freedom of movement of a Disneyland Theme-park Ride. Although the island seems big, I constantly found myself forced down a very narrow path.

I had gotten the impression that it was at least somewhat non-linear and that approaching the activated clues in a different order would give a different emphasis to the game, but other than one dead end and a couple of closed loops that simply turned back on themselves, I found very few places where I could actually take a different path and perhaps miss one clue but get a different one.

Instead, from this walkthrough anyway, it seems that the next time I play it, I really don't see how the experience will be different.

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The story and world tied in amazingly. Paintings on the wall depicted signs of madness. The hazy structures in the distance convey a theme of ambiguity. The story unfolds to both the reader's horror and amazement, as if they should have seen it coming the whole time, but at the same time there was no way to predict the tale.

Don't get me wrong, linear story telling isn't all bad. There's been some great linear stories - Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Half-Life, The Witcher 2. But this is new and refreshing, and that is never a bad thing.
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