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Question about online challenge system


I had Gratuitous Space Battles and it is one of my favorite games.
sharing fleets as a challenge was very addictive.

how does this game compare to it?

From what I have understood, this is a tower defense RTS. i.e. it is not like GSB where u just sit back and watch the simulation.

if I submit a defense challenge, how do my defenses play? I mean, do I have to script the AI reactions. or is it just static defenses.

I watched few youtube about the game but the online challenge system is still not clear to me, anyone?
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Positech Games
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It's a bit hard to explain

basically you can issue a challenge like GSB let you, and when you do that, a bunch of stuff gets uplaoded including the map, all your unit designs and your deployment 'record'. (what got placed whebn). the deployment record only gets uploaded if you played as the attacker.

Then, when accepting a challenge, you have choices. You can either:
1) take the uplaoded map, ignore everything else and play on it however you like (attack/defend) against adaptive AI.
2) play as defender, and play against the uplaoded attackers recording, with their unit designs being placed as in the recording
3) play as defender, with adaptvi AI palcing the enemy units, but them using the units that the challenger was using when they issued a challenge.

Think of it as a map + unit + deployment sharing system where the player gets to mix and match whatever they want. In this respect, it's much better and more flexible than the GSB system.

Positech Games
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So no simultaneous play? I liked every bit of what I read in the description of the game, but I know from experience that it's not enough to motivate me to actually play the game, except for multiplayer, and uploading maps just isn't as fun as adapting to a friend's tactics as they try to adapt to mine.

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