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3D Vision Support

3D isn't going to die out. It adds tremendous immersion to the games/simulators and the equipment is affordable now. The Asus VG236H 23" 2ms 1920x1080 with nVidia 3D Vision glasses is $350. I don't play anything that doesn't support 3D fully now and only downloaded this game because if 3D didn't work, hell.. it was only $10. It turns out that this game is fun and I'd like to play it in 3D. Your program has the same problem as many I've played/owned (i.e. X3 Terran Conflict, Skyrim, ARMA II,...). These games went from unplayable in 3D to fully rendered correctly using Helix's DX9 hook. In Lunar flight the shadows don't render at the correct depth and the interface is wonky. The elegant fix for these elements is to crack open the source code and redo it, but a fine work-around for most games is the d3d9.dll hook created by Helix.

Helix Mod 3D Fixes forum (many games already supported) http://helixmod.wikispot.org/FAQ
He gives instructions on using his dll to fix the 3D problems via shader overrides if he's not interested in doing the game himself (how to make your own fixes tab at top of page).
Read the instructions at Game Grade 3D for good examples of what to look for. I commonly find skyboxes and distant mountains (often done as a single image) rendered at wrong depth, water reflection messed up, and shadow depth incorrect. All of which can be fixed using Helix Mod. Skyrim is a great example of those common problems that when fixed, made the game go from unplayable to AWESOME!

For a game developer, I'd recommend the VG278 27" (comes with 3D Vision 2 glasses - very comfortable) or someone like me with too much money and/or no life, get three. Please check out your game in 3D and look into Helix Mod as a quick-fix. I ask for multi-display support in another post.
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I also play this game in 3D on a Sony HMZ-T1. There are a few 3D display glitches but it has great potential!! I agree with the above that games are much more fun and immersive in 3D. I use an AMD HD3D video card with Tridef.

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