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Great game for point and click fans though beware the games flaws

I thoroughly enjoyed this game as an avid point and click gamer. All too often characters in these games exist only to further the plot leaving the world feel a little bland. Not so in Alter Ego, the world feels alive and dark. However, anyone considering buying it should be aware of certain things to avoid disappointment.

Why it isn't clear from the title, videos and images on the store page is a mystery but this game is dark in theme. There are no happy endings with ponies and butterflies, not all information about everything is revealed, there is much left for you to guess on.

That said, I hope people give this game a shot, I wish the price would be more permanently lowered to entice people to play but next time it is on sale it should be bought, $5 is an excelent price for an (approximately) 8 hour experience

If you get stuck on the logic threads, there's no shame in looking up a guide, afterall, isn't the story and world the truly enjoyable part? Getting into the head of the game designer isn't really the part I play this genre for :P


Game is good but don't expect everything to be happy and resolved. Buy it at sale price
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