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Exclamation Unable to download the game (invalid content configuration)

I bought this game back in December 2010, and didn't install it until I got a larger hard drive two or three months later. I played it a little bit then (18 minutes, according to Steam) just to make sure it worked, and then got caught up in other stuff.

I didn't get around to it again until a few days ago, but when I went to launch the game, Steam said it needed to "convert the game files into a newer, more efficient format."

That seemed a little weird, but I didn't think too much of it. However, when I clicked OK, it failed, saying "Invalid content configuration." WTH?

I figured I'd verify the game cache, as that seems to fix a significant number of problems, but apparently the failed conversion process automatically uninstalled the game!

So, I go to re-install it (an annoying 4GB download, BTW). Something was already off, because the install screen that normally shows the download size and time estimate was blank. It showed "You are about to install Dracula: Origin" and then... nothing. No download info. I choose next, and next again at the desktop shortcut screen, and whaddaya know? The install fails saying:

An error occurred while installing Dracula: Origin (Invalid content configuration)

I tried exiting steam and restarting. It still gives the same error.

I tried running the game on my second computer, which also had already had it installed. It also popped up the "convert to more efficiant format message," which I this time cancelled. I uninstalled the game manually with the "delete Local Game Content" option, thinking maybe this would get around some screwed up configuration caused by the conversion on my main system. The uninstall went fine, but when I tried to reinstall, it pops up the same invalid content configuration error.

I looked around for other instances of this problem, but there are almost none. The only info I could find on a similar problem was here, about quake 4. I tried the suggestions about ClientRegistry.blob and appinfo.vdf, separately of course. They didn't work either. There was no appmanifest .acf file for this game (I got the appID from content_log.txt), so I was unable to try the third suggestion in that thread.

I tried starting with a fresh install of steam (backing up my old one, of course), also disabling my firewalls and antivirus software,and the problem STILL occurs.

At this point I was pretty sure the problem had to be server side, so I submit a Steam support ticket. The first answer I got was to disable my firewall and antivirus software.

The second answer I got was to change my download region. That actually was a good idea that I had not thought of, and I tried numerous regions, including other countries, but it still didn't work!!

I haven't gotten a reply from support yet on the download region thing.


Dracula: Origin won't download, steam keeps giving the error: "Invalid content configuration." If anyone has any suggestions, I could really use them. Thanks.
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Ah, thank goodness, I have been having this problem too, I went through the entire steam support system, it included basically fresh installing the game on a new system without success.

I was told to contact third party support (http://support.steampowered.com/kb_a...9051-RKZC-9676) but then a day later valve messaged me again to say they're looking into this now, so at least that

EDIT: Holy Smokes, I just tried to download it again and now it is working That was a super quick fix given I had just tried about 2-3 hours ago and Valve mentioned they were investigating about 1 hour ago.

Good Guy Valve

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Yes, it just started working for me, too. It must have been some sort of server hiccup (that lasted a few days.)
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