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Metro 2033 Won't Run

I have a computer using DirectX 9 with an Intel HD 3000 graphics chip, 488 MB of VRAM, and a i5 2.3 GHz processor. It's not stellar, but I'd work with a really low FPS for a game like Metro. The problem is that it's not starting at all. It just tells me that my graphics card is unsupported, and then that I can't use a card that's not "Shader 3.0 incompatible". And then it crashes.

Does anyone know what the problem is, and how I can fix it?
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um the problem is just what it says it is. your gpu is unsupported and lacks features to play the game. even if it ran, it would not even be close to playable.
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Yeah your GPU lacks some features required by the game to run (Shader 3.0). In order to run this game you are gonna have to buy a Dedicated GPU powerful enough to play this game, if you are on a laptop then its not possible, but if you are on a desktop, it might be possible, all depends on what PSU you have and how much cash you are willing to spend.
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Upgrade to directx 11 and update intel drivers to latest versions
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