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Arma II helicopter controls

I just bought this game (mostly for DayZ) but figured I would try out the vanilla game first. Tried flying a helicopter to see if my "pro" battlefield flying skills are transferable, and apparently they're completely useless. I can't for the life of me figure out how to turn properly. I've tried using "turn", "bank", and "pedal", but once I get into the air, all they seem to do is roll my heli over to the side causing me to crash.

Are there any remappings you guys can suggest to make it close to battlefield's flying controls or any tips for not rolling my chopper over?
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This is not battlefield at all. The controls in Arma 2 make it more like a military simulator, you have many, many more factors and controls to consider.
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Yeah I'm realizing that. There seems to be no tutorial on how to fly besides just telling you to fly to a waypoint. I've googled around and I can't find any info on how to turn properly. It seems to work when first taking off, I can turn around completely, but once I get higher in the air, all any of the controls do is just roll me over.
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Its hard as hell but if you look around controls and when flying just mess about it gets slightly easier
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x-TURN left
C-TURN right

Arrows- Move helicopter?
I think its very easy as it is :P
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Old 05-30-2012, 04:27 AM   #6
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There is 'bootcamp' for you.
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The main difference I've found between choppers in BF and ArmA is that you can easily turn using only the yaw keys in BF at most speeds, whereas you cannot in ArmA.

Yawing (is that even a word?) in ArmA only really works well at low speeds (around 50-60 km/h or less), so you'll have to roll into the majority of your turns.

You should practice flying using only the keyboard at first. When you're comfortable with the keyboard, then you should be able to ease over to the mouse without much trouble.

I'm an okay chopper pilot, and for me the most effective way to turn is to roll the chopper about 30-45 degrees and repeatedly tap the pitch-up key.

If you need to get your chopper turned around asap, then roll it 80 or so degrees and hold the pitch-up key (you will lose a lot of speed though).

Protip: If you fly using only the keyboard, you can double-tap Left Alt and use your mouse to free look.
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and use "auto hover". it easely hovoering and gives the stability.
best method is to use the joystick

btw, fortunately or unfortunately, ARMA 3 uses flight model from Take On Helicopter!
(it's optional. but control of the helicopter might be more difficult)
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Just make sure you're going on low speeds and make very slow and steady moves.
That's the best way to learn how to fly choppers.
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If you have any questions about flying in Arma2 ask Huggy - he's the guy doing the flying in this video; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUJh79xSxHo

Expert mode - no 3rd person - NOE (Nap of Earth) flying technique.

He has trained other guys to fly as well, but he's actually better at shooting than flying.
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Question Gunner controls and heli missions?

Um, I guess this post isn't old enough for another question to be considered a necropost?

So, a friend of mine and I have bought Combined Operations for DayZ, but found ARMA itself an awesome experience not to be missed as well. We have tried some campaign missions and want to try and fly an attack helicopter together sometime soon. However, I can't figure out what the non-AI gunner's responsibilities should be. Should he concentrate on the cannon or launch rockets as well? Will I as a pilot have to assign targets for the guided rockets or can he do it himself? If he can do it, then how? I can't seem to do it as a gunner with an AI pilot. Will we be able to use different weapons simultaneously? What are the gunner's controls in general?

It will be some time before we can figure it all out together, so i would like to have some advice in advance.

I would also be glad if anyone could direct me at some good coop helicopter missions. I have found some at armaholic, but the search system there is somewhat confusing for a noob like me, and most of them seem to require some infantry players as well, and it's only the two of us. Thank you to whoever bothered reading. Any help will be appreciated.


What should a player as a gunner do when flying an attack helicopter and what are his controls?
If you know of any good 2-player helicopter missions, please post a link to them.
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He should be shooting things.
F to change weapon and ammo types, mouse one to fire, mouse two to lock on to a target.
Go to bootcamp to learn the basics first, there is an ingame trainer for these things.
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Q - throttle up (transfers to planes as well)
Z - throttle down (transfers to planes as well_
X/C - turn (works best when stationary or moving slowly - controls rudders in planes)
W - nose down
S - nose up
A - roll counter clockwise
D - roll clockwise
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Might I add, the best way to "learn" how to fly a chopper (imo) is to hop into the editor, make some OPFOR units about 1-2km away from an airport, shove a BLUFOR apache heli (you) on the airport runway & try taking off/getting to the OPFOR units & blowing them up.

There's no easy way, but after a little while you will get used to it & it'll be second nature soon.
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I too came from Battlefield and found that rebinding the controls a little made things significantly easier.

As for turning, don't be afraid to roll to the side and pull the nose up.
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