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Is it easy to find your friends online in dayz?

So me and my friend are looking to buy the game but we are wondering how hard it is to find your friends. Is it gonna take like hours or more? Thanks. Its a big factor to us.
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Well, you don't start with a map, and you will each spawn at a random point along the southern coast of the giant game world. The southern coast is what, 14 or 15 km long? Finding each other will be a challenge, unless you have a plan going into it, like everybody just follow the coast to the east until you hit the south-east corner of the land and meet up there. Your biggest challenge will be other players, who will probably just shoot you on sight. The coasts are dangerous like that, so meet up, and go inland as soon as possible. If all goes perfectly and nobody runs into any trouble (not likely), it shouldn't take more than 20 minutes for you all to meet up.
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no it's not hard to find each other, but it may take a bit of running to meet up depending on where you spawn. everytime you load into a server, your location is given to you in the bottom-right hand corner of your screen. something like "Chernarus Day 1 xxxxx" where the x's will be your location. then use any map you can find online (here's one http://teamfackin.com/moocow/dayz/map/ ) and find your rough location of where you spawned.

let's say your friend spawned by some village to the west, he'll need to run up the coast (so the shore is to his right) and you'll have to run down the coast(so the shore is to your left).

hope this helped
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if you know the map it wont take long to find each other at all. You always spawn on the coast so just figure out which direction you both need to run. With a bit of luck you will spawn relatively close.
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Tha Crazy
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At first, though, it may be hard to get onto the same server (or that is my experience, at least)
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