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How to host multiplayer?

My friends and I have created our accounts on the metaserver and all that, and we see each other's games, but when we try and join, it still says "Game not found".

How do I fix this? We're all running the same version through Steam.
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Not sure I can help, but do you have the same checksum?

This will be the letters beside the version on the main menu.

As of writing this it should read:
1.05g GUHH

If either of you does not have the checksum GUHH you will have issues when trying to play together.
If this is the case you can verify the cache.

If you don't know how to do this; in Steam right-click Crusader Kings II, then click 'properties,' go to the 'local files' tab, then then 'verify integrity of game cache.'
It will take a few minutes, when it's complete it may download missing or corrupt files. You can then check the game to verify you have the correct checksum.

If the checksum isn't your problem I'd recommend posting in the technical support at the Paradox forums, for which you'll need a forum account tied to your CKII game.

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You also have to open ports in your firewalls, and the host must forward ports in their router. There's a helpful thread in the Paradox MP forum.
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I've been at it for hours attemptig to host a multiplayer game as well. I've tried all these suggestions save for talking to Paradox tech support because my account apparently can't access anything on their forums.

Why the hell is most of their forums private anyways?
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Originally Posted by Bondi View Post
...Why the hell is most of their forums private anyways?
Someone told me thats because paradox doesnt want to waste their time helping people that did NOT buy their game with their game.

I given up trying to do multiplayer the game is WAY to long for multiplayer anyhow heh
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