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Remove SkyUI?

Anyway to remove this mod, with this mod active I can't give Lydia any items .

Everytime I delete it from the interface folder everything works fine.. Until I try to access the inventory ingame, it just crashes!
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Are you running the UI with the Skyrim SKSE?
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Breton Warrior
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First run a Steam Verify its in the properties of Skyrim (right click Skyrim you get a drop down) in your Steam Games Library, Verify Integrity.

There may be something missing that is causing this, especially with the crashing as I've heard of that before but cannot remember the causes, Your crashing when you try to open your own inventory not just Lydia's? Run a Google on that specific inventory crash problem as I'm sure its not new, although it may have been the map but its all related I would think.

If that does not help have you got any Follower Type Mods running at the moment? Just to clarify that something else is not causing the problem as taking SkyUI out of the interface folder should get rid of it. Plus it only changes how it looks more than what it does, well apart from the SKSE related aspects of course.

Double check your SkyUI download Zip and check to see what files it holds and just to a double look to make sure you have not left somethiing behind that may be glitching (unlikely as that is)

PS: You can run SkyUI fine without SKSE, you just get warning that you do not have it and cannot use the extra functions, but it still works as the basci inventory Mod.
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Delete the interface folder and verify the game "integrity".

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