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All the new players, be sure to try out other gamemodes as well!

To all players that have come mainly due to DayZ, be sure to try out some of the other gamemodes that talented authors of the ArmA 2 community have built!

CTI (Capture the Island)

GITS Evolution

T-FOR (Takistan Force)


Kremator's Mashup

There's many many more, too many to list:

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I preached the same, till now. It is not possible to have online fun with Domination anymore without idiots that keep shooting at everyone on a friendly base and leave vehicles on the taxi and runway or even completely destroy the base, especially with the team version of Domination. Idiots have always been there, but now it is almost every time on the servers I play that they mess up the 'coop/team' mission. So
Dayz players do keep playing Dayz (or CoD, Dead Island, etcetera)and do make sure you keep playing that mod and only that mod, or grow up and don't be a griefer, but a team player

But seriously, any domi sever that is not constantly moderated and has the wrong TK penalty and ban setting is a mess now.
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Seriously, the number of people trolling is ridiculous. If public servers aren't watched by Admins enough, they will definitely succumb to it. I was worried that when ARMA2 Free was released, something like this would happen. But I must say, most free people actually came in and enjoyed ARMA, as far as I saw. With Dayz, can't have one server without some idiot coming in and trashing it up.

Dayz people, if you come into a vanilla server, you best not do such things, or just go back to your mod.
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I want to add (after Alt F4 out of anger again) that you also can't play anymore without someone using hacks. I and everyone else on the base keeps 'mysteriously' getting killed every time after a respawn. It did not used to be like this.


That I don't blame BIS or Dayz for it, but purely the immature players and people that take pleasure out of being a griefer instead of being capable of having fun with other players as how the game is meant to be played (and as how psychologically normal people play the game, instead of being a twisted psychotic sociopath).

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