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How do i get started doing anything ?

Hi all. i've just lost my first game of CK2. twice actually.

I'm playing my custom queen of scotland, and the first thing i want to do is move my capital to glasgow. the only way i could figure out how to do this was imprisoning then exiling the current owner (assassinations were way too expensive), however this resulted in my nation collapsing into a civil war that i couldn't win.

so second time around, i gave up on that idea, tried to concentrate on development. Is the economy supposed to be so excrutiatingly slow? o.0 buildings in cities cost 50-100 gold, and it takes me about 4 years to save up that much. i'm getting 0.93 gold per month which seems insanely small, and i can't see any decent ways to improve this. I can't pass any laws because everyone hates me, and i can't afford enough bribes to change that.

Then, 5 years after starting, england invaded me with a 5000 strong army. raising a levy from every county i have only managed to get me about 1500 troops.


so maybe you guys can provide some advice to make me not suck so hard? I tried the tutorials, and they are as thoroughly useless as reviews made me expect them to be. They tell me about all the basic features and what they do, but don't give any advice or guidance on how they should be used, or what to prioritise.

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This guy has a great series you might want to look at:


I only bought the game yesterday myself, so I can't really give you any hints beyond that, unfortunately.
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If you have registered your game on the Paradox forums, head over and download this user guide. It's quite in-depth:


(Note that it does require you to register the game.)
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