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Lightbulb suggested new rating system

I would like to see this game be successful and I think one major hurdle is the current rating system.

My suggestion is to scrap it for a new system based upon player contribution to team goals.

Here is a roughed out idea for how to make it work. Each game a player would be rewarded points in various categories (kills, assists, creep kills, captures, turrets taken down etc.) Each category would have a cap for how much can be gained in relation to the others (this to prevent someone from solely farming, or solely swooping in for kills). Kills and assist rating points would be heavily weighted to reflect the advantage in the mks. of the killing ships vs the victim (so noob ships are worth less than high mk ships)

Now as for the games themselves rating should no longer be displayed as a pure number. Instead players should have stars notating games played, and stars representing their rough standing in the ratings. Imagine there being 5 stars max for rating and 5 max for games played. People will receive one star for each quartile of the pop they are in with the 5th star being for outliers on the upper end of the server population.

Autobalance would still be possible, but new player should no longer be in the middle of the pack. Instead they will be treated as far less valuable than an experienced player with a near 1k rating as happens in the current system. I envision they will have 1 star in both the games played and in the rating category.

The overall standings in the ratings will still be visible for those the go to that portion of the menu, but it should no longer show the exact rating, instead showing simply the ranking of the player.

So the suggested system in summary would allow ppl to see a rough idea of how many games a player and their effectiveness when trying to balance games. Players who have high effectiveness in games will find the new system much more enjoyable than the old system where rating was heavily effected by who you played with and who you played against.
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Let's first check out how the umcomming rating change is.
It sounds pretty promising and kinda close to your suggestions.
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