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Question Will this have steam cloud?

so we can carry saves over from different computers
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Just sign up for Dropbox here:http://db.tt/6RvvGx4

Then go to this link to grab Dropbox Folder Sync: http://satyadeepk.in/dropbox-folder-sync/

Install both then launch Dropbox Folder Sync. Specify your dropbox installation folder then navigate to My Documents, right click on Endless Space and select "Sync with dropbox". Then do the same on your other computer. By doing this you are able to sync up any game that doesn't support Steam Cloud (ex: Dead Space, Amnesia, Sim City, Mass Effect 3... Etc). I agree Steam Cloud would be nice, but I use this for everything else and it helps to ensure that I can play it on any computer.
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While a useful idea, (I do this extensively myself, ) the question remains as to whether or not Steam Cloud will be supported or not.
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