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Add Screenshots to the Screenshot-Manager

i made this thread in the isaac forum but wanted to let you guys know that it is possible to add screenshots you have taken before the screenshot-manager was introduced or like in isaac you cant take screenshots ingame.

the text was written by someone else, credits goes to him, i just wanted to share.

Take a screenshot in a game with the Steam overlay. When you exit the game, a window will pop up with your recent screenshots for that game. Just click "View on Disk" and it'll open up the screenshots folder (folders are game-specific and named with numbers). Drop whatever pictures you want (Steam uses .jpg, not sure if others will work) in there, but be sure to make a 200x125 thumbnail of the picture in the thumbnails directory or it won't show up. You may have to restart Steam before they show up but you should then be able to upload them like normal.

F:\Steam\userdata\[random number]\760\remote\113200\screenshots

you have to create the 113200 folder and screenshots folder
right after you have to create a thumbnails folder into the screenshots folder

should look like this

F:\Steam\userdata\[random number]\760\remote\113200\screenshots\thumbnails

just a example with a random pic, as you see the game which 'belongs' to the screenshots is isaac

we may can find for other games, that dont support the ingame screenshot manager, the folders.
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