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Separate Dayz forum section

I would like to see a separate section for dayz. All I read now on the 'ArmA' Steam forum is Dayz this and Dayz that, it's like the game ArmA does not even exist anymore, ArmA is Dayz now. It totally under snows the great military sim ArmA that I love so much. It's cool for BIS dat the alpha mod is so popular and brings in big bucks for the company, but it's now like the military game does not exist anymore if you go on the Steam forum.

So a new section (as it were a DLC) would bring back some structure on the forum and keeps the mod separate from the game and what the game is, A military game.
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you still get questions about arma 2.

its a 3 year old game, what do you expect, half of the threads and questions that needed to be made/answered have been over the last 3 years.

Dayz might not be your cup of tea, but it has brang in new meat for the grinder, if they decide to give arma 2 a go. so don't feel too bad.

if you got a question about arma 2 feel free to make a thread, im sure there are many here who can answer you.

currently though most of the attention is on dayz so thats where the questions and threads are directed, i doubt its a conspiracy to mask arma 2 :/ the amount of attention does make you wonder if it deserves its own sub-forum though.
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Day z is a free mod that isn't available on steam. That's why it doesn't have a forum here.
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