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SMNC not working

Okay, so today after finally downloading SMNC on my laptop, I immediately run into a problem. It won't load. Okay, first the the "Steam is starting SMNC" message pops up, but then after about 3 seconds, the message disappears and the game doesn't load. What the hell is going on? And if it helps, here's my LPs Specs:

Windows 7 Home Premium
Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU B820 @ 1.70GHz
Ram: 3.00 GB (2.84 GB Usable)
64 Bit operation System

And before you say my specs don't meet the game's requirements, I've tested it with several other games that ask for the same System Requirements, namely TF2, and Alien Swarm which both run at full settings, and work perfectly. So, why isn't SMNC working????
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Well that wasn't really polite...

How long do you wait exactly for the game to start up? On my end TF2 does the same that SMNC seems to do for you, but it simply takes a bit of time to actually start up. I'm not sure how long you were waiting for the game to start up but... perhaps wait a bit and see it was just a little slow to start up? Secondly, you could bring up Task Manager to see if SMNC was up or not on the processes tab. If not, somethings wrong, and if it was up there then it might just be slow to start.

Polar Star, if all else fails, perhaps reinstalling the game could help?
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It probably is your specs. TF2 is nothing compared to this game, specs wise. TF2 is OLD.
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i have the same problem can any1 fix this?
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Try asking on the UberEnt forums. They'll know technical stuff better than us.
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