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Question How to install singleplayer without downloading it?

I bought the original game at a store here in town i got the key inside i type it in Steam and i get 2 games multiplayer and singleplayer! When i install multiplayer from disc it installs to Steam, but singleplayer asks me where i want it to install and its on D:\Program Files\......
How can i install singleplayer on steam without downloading it!!?!?!
I neeed help please!
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Blue Lightning
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Im not sure that you can. You might be able to.

Just download it. Steam patches it automatically, and you wont need a disc in your comp and all that.
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1) Start downloading the Steam version, but cancel it immediately, to create the proper folders in the steamapps folder.

2) Install the game from the CD/DVD as normal to any location.

3) Copy contents of the CD installation folder to the steam Dark Messiah folder.

4) Right-click on Dark Messiah in your Steam Library, select "Properties" and "Verify Integrity Of Cache".

What should happen is that Steam'll see that most of the files are already there (because they are), and won't have to download them.

It'll still have to download a few other files (patches, the Steam-compatible exe, a few dlls etc,) but nowhere near as many.

I did this with my copy of Mirror's Edge.
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I don't think it makes a folder for DM since it's a 2004 Source engine game.

Install the game normally from disc and copy all the gcf files in the installation folder to steam/steamapps folder.

Then install the game from steam, with luck it'll say there are existing files and will save you the trouble of dowloading a lot of stuff.
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