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Troubleshooting Eden

Hello all,

We know that there may be an influx of new players coming into the forums for support for Eden since it was part of the IndieRoyale bundle last week. While we hope that no one has any issues playing, we realize that in the PC environment there are always problems that can arise due to the infinite number of combinations of hardware and software.

With that said, we do want to try to make sure everyone gets to experience Eden!
I sincerely hope that this thread stays empty and everyone can enjoy Eden with just a click of a button. But if it doesn't we recommend you take the following steps:


First of all, we recommend you re-install your display drivers. You should
uninstall your current display drivers (usually from Control Panel...Programs and Applications), reboot and then re-install the drivers again. Make sure to get the very latest drivers for your graphics hardware from the manufacturers website (Nvidia, ATI, Intel etc). During the development of Eden we found this was time and time again the best cure all for unexpected crashes.

If you have a notebook, you may have drivers installed that were written by the manufacturer of your notebook and not ATI or Nvidia. Sometimes even the latest of these drivers can be out of date compared to the drivers being release by the video card manufacturers. In this case, you can sometimes find hacked drivers that will give you access to the latest updates on your notebook. We don't recommend that you install hacked drivers (and we can't be responsible if something was to happen to your video card), but in my personal experience with some older laptops this has fixed problems.

Compatibility Mode!

If you still have problems and are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, try setting the Eden program to run in "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)" compatibilty mode.

To change compatibility settings browse to the directory where the Eden program is installed, right-click eden.exe click Properties, and then click the Compatibility tab.

The Eden program is installed by default under a path similar to this C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\pixeljunkeden\eden.ex e (You can also right click on the shortcut to Eden if you have one)"

Power Settings!

We've run into a couple of cases on notebooks where power settings were preventing Eden from running correctly. If you have a notebook that has a hybrid GPU setup - one which uses the onboard video for normal desktop operation, but then switches to a more robust video card for games - make sure that Eden is using the correct video card when it's running.


This is an issue that we have patched, but I think we should list it here anyway. If you are crashing to the desktop, try going into your video card settings and turning OFF triple-buffering.

If none of the following works, please try to give us as much information about your computer and the crash. There isn't a lot we can do without having your PC/laptop in front of us, but we'll try. Also, everyone in the forum has been extremely helpful and they might have an answer to your problem.


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