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Did I run into a bug, or is this game supposed to be ridiculously easy?

I just finished the campaign mode in about 15 minutes, first time playing. Got a score of over 8 million. All I needed to do was fling particles around the arena a handful of times and nearly everything on the map would explode all at once, with barely any relation to what I was doing. This isn't quite what I was expecting from what I saw of the game in a review.

A few minutes later: I've gone back to play the game a second time to make sure I wasn't imagining things. Seems I did have some luck the first time through, since playing a little less aggressively made the game more of a challenge. I still don't understand why destroying a few items on screen creates a chain reaction where everything explodes, though. It doesn't match up to my perception of the damage I'm doing.

Also checked the leaderboards this time. I seem to be in second place. Bizarre.

Edit: I guess I just fell into a surprisingly effective playstyle for this game purely by accident. Tried a third run where I added some strategy to my previous chaotic recklessness and got my score up to 9 million. Apologies for my previous incredulity, but as a first impression, it was really underwhelming to breeze through the campaign to the point where three of four bosses just popped without even putting up a fight.

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