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Is it safe to delete "appcache" folder?

I recently fixed issue with MW3 DLC2 by deleting "appcache" folder (as instructed in MW3 support page)! What this folder all about? What information it contains? What did I lose by deleting it?
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I'm actually not sure what exactly what's stored there. What I read was wrong.

So long as you made a backup file you should be fine. If there were potentially dire consequences for deleting it, they would've warned you. The worst that should possibly happen is you might have lost config settings or something.

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The AppCache folder is just a repository for the main Steam.exe application to obtain quick access to information downloaded from Steam regarding your account so that it does not need re-downloading each time.

Your inventory, purchase history, friend interactions and other account-related data is also copied here.

It typically contains two directories, "httpcache" and "stats". "httpcache" is a cache for the html pages that help make up your general Steam application, such as the News, Store and Community pages. Having the data locally makes it much faster to re-display. The "stats" directory is a similar cache for the data of your achievements and stats for the games as displayed under the Profile pages. Note: these are not the recorded achievements, editing these will not affect the game's achievements since this data is recalled from the information that has been collected on the servers. It's one-way only

Aside from the two directories, are some vdf files which apply to the 'Library' portion of the application. The games (& DLC/expansions)/Tools and Media (including for example, the developer/publisher, metacritic scores etc.) and details as well as your current and historical downloads.


Removing this folder will simply enable Steam.exe to re-download the information from the Steam Servers. Theoretically, this should ensure only accurate and correct information is then present. You can't damage anything by removing the fodler, since anything that Steam.exe does not find, but expects to be there will be acquired from the server when next connected.
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