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Level/Skill Point Cap?

Title pretty much says it all; Is there a level cap to the game which limits skill points used to create character builds?

I started the game with a melee warrior to feel out the game. He's 8th lvl right now, but now that I've got a basic feel of the game I want to branch him off to a more Ranger/archer type class.

The problem and question is though; is there a level/skill cap that limits the amount of skill points available for character builds?

Is it fully possible to build a Ranger with melee skills, or would that create a gimp character situation, and thus be better to create pure builds due to limited skill points?

And since there are so many skills available, is there a character build program created for the game?
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I'm pretty sure you can technically level up as much as you want, but there is a limited amount of enemies/quests in the game, and so a limited amount of exp to be gained. But really you're probably never going to run out.

Kinda spoilers, although nothing revealing the story:
Somewhere towards the end of the main story, you leave the first world completely and go to an entirely new one, filled with new things to kill and new quests to do, and you get like 10 free levels when you teleport there. But I don't think you get to go back, so get as much out of the first world as possible, if you're worried about a level cap.
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Most people finish the game with a character level in the mid forties to low fifties; I think it would be hard to get much higher than level 53.

Warriors tend to have lots of spare skill points, though, especially if they rely on found or purchased skill books for mage spells.

Archery as a warrior - my thoughts

Free skills, and spell books you can buy

If you resurrect a defeated opponent and leave the immediate area, it will turn hostile and you can return to defeat it again, for more experience and (depending on the opponent) loot. I maxed Resurrect with purchased skill books, and it came in handy... (minor spoiler)
There are 3 places in the game where you can get level bonuses, one you can get to freely and two that because of their location or point in the game there may not be enough opponents around to easily go up a level just before getting the bonus.
The one way trip to the wastelands for the end of the game is a 5 level bonus, the other two give you enough experience to reach the next level.

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