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Does Skyrim have a crash/Debug log?

After I upgraded to the latest drivers 304.48,I've pretty much been micro-stutter free and those annoying, precipitous frame drops that tended to occur around Solitude and other locales have also disappeared as well. But I still have one remaining issue and that is an out of the blue CTD. Admittedly they're exceedingly rare, I've had one maybe two occur in the last 175hrs of gameplay but nonetheless they do happen. I'd like to debug a CTD when it occurs or at least access a crash log but I haven't found anything that remotely resembles debugging tools in the Skyrim directory. Is there a tool that specifically debugs files in Skyrim that came with the game or is downloadable from a third party site?
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Yes. Open Skyrim.ini (My Documents/My Games/Skyrim) and add the following to it:


Afterward, in that same folder you will see a new folder called Logs. Inside that: Script. Inside Script you will (eventually) find 4 logs. Double click and they should open with notepad or any text editor. Papyrus.0.log is the most recent. At the end of it you will see the last process to happen before the crash.

Good Luck
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Be interesting what you find, so please follow up with that if you can, only 1 or 2 CTD's in 175hrs is damn good, but if there is a reason other than a Mod it would be nice to know. Ta BW.
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Thanks I will set this up and test it out. I wish I had this weeks ago when I had to put up with CTDs in order to play skyrim.
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update to this tread, I've activated the logs per instructions and I've experienced a CTD. The logs work just fine although it does take a minute for all the data to be dumped. After the CTD I opened the "0" log and scrolled to the bottom to the latest entries. TBH I am having a hella hard time making out just what's going on here. Here's a portion of the log right at the time of the CTD:

07/18/2012 - 12:40:54AM] warning: Assigning None to a non-object variable named "::temp6"
stack:[(0009F82B)].dunBluePalaceArenaSCRIPT.OnUpdate() - "dunBluePalaceArenaSCRIPT.psc" Line 77

Looking at the logs for the past 4 days the above lines repeat throughout all logs. It looks like there is an issue with a compiled script named "dunBluePalaceArenaSCRIPT.psc" on line 77. It's referring to the bluepalace maybe but I was no where near the blue palace or in Solitude when the ctd occured. Maybe it's just letting me know some scripts are throwing errors idk. Maybe someone more adept at theses types of logs can help out here?

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Somehow it looks like this is a script thats always running in the background...
If you have mods, make a backup of yours saves then remove all your mods if any clear your logs and try again if the problem is no longer here you'll have to narrow it down to the mod that would do that...

If not, try and start a new game see your logs and then send a bug report to beth... Who knows maybe it's normal..
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If I'm not mistaken that's the Wabbajack quest and it's just buggy like that.

It's frustrating, I know. I get crashes from companion house cleaning scripts (which have nothing to do with Tilma sweeping the floors) and weapon rack scripts when I'm outside in the reach and not doing anything with either the companions or weapon racks. What I've taken to doing is copying the name of the script and googling it. Sometimes it may just frustrate you more but others it can be telling. Also Shadowblade posted the following in another thread and I've used it a time or two with semi-good results.

Skyrim Uninstalling Mods

This procedure should be used whenever uninstalling, upgrading, or installing a mod.

For those who are experiencing any ctd's, savegame bloat, or other issues that they have been unable to resolve I recommend following the procedure and uninstalling all mods, this will ensure the cleanest possible save. This should remove the problem of savegame corruption from previously installed mods still affecting your gameplay (and testing). You can then re-install mods a few at a time and test for the issues to see if they recur (and check the log files for issues you would not necessarily see in game), this will help to isolate the mod causing the problem or verify that it was indeed savegame corruption if no recurrence is noted after all mods are re-installed.

Clean Save Procedure
One crucial fact to understand about Skyrim, is that information from the mods you use can be written into your save games, and may continue to affect your game even after the mods are removed or updated.

From the Bethesda document, “Skyrim Mod Troubleshooting: Best Practices”:

"When you play Skyrim with a mod, in most cases, the new data for the mod will be written into any new saved games you create. For example, if you play Skyrim with Mod X and create a save, the next time you load that save, the game will expect Mod X to also be loaded. If you no longer want to play Skyrim with Mod X, it is best to unload Mod X (by unchecking the plugin under Data Files in yourSkyrim launcher) and loading a save that does not require Mod X, usually an older save or a backed up save."

The short version is, “Never continue with a save once a mod it relies upon has been removed.”

However, although this is good advice, there may be occasions when it is inconvenient to heed it. Below is one possible procedure for attempting to ‘clean’ the effects of a removed mod from a save. Remember, you do this at your own risk, and it is not guaranteed to succeed; you may be left with insidious problems later in your game. There are many mods that modify the game in a way that does not immediately change when the mod is uninstalled, a more thorough cleaning must be attempted. These modifications can cause CTDs and freezes (and other issues) if they remain in the world space after the mod has been uninstalled. These advanced cleaning steps will force exterior and interior cells to reset, despawning and respawning almost all actors in the game, among other things. For a more complete description of what a cell reset will do, visit this UESP wiki page.

To make sure almost all cells reset, its is necessary to wait for 31 days. Some cells will never reset, as they are flagged as "Never Resets" by Bethesda. These mostly include player homes and other important locations. See here for the complete list.

WARNING: Forcing cell resets will clear almost all containers and respawn random or the original objects contained therein, while deleting anything else, such as player added items. Therefore do not store any objects that you may wish to keep in these containers. Instead, place these objects within a container in a cell that is flagged "Never Resets". A good place is a chest or sack in a player owned home.

These steps can also be applied when installing mods that modify many cells and actors. In most cases, these mods will install correctly and modify all relevant actors. However, in some cases, not all actors will be properly modified when installing the mod. These steps will force these actors to respawn with the correct modifications.

When uninstalling a mod that uses scripts, sometimes the scripts will continue to be present in your save-game. Basically any script that attaches to an object in-game via a mod, will remain attached to that object, even once the mod has been removed. See here and here on the Creation Kit wiki for a more complete description of how scripts can affect save-games. You can also find a discussion by modders here about this issue on the Bethesda Skyrim forums. These steps may also purge these redundant scripts from your game. However, this has not been verified, and still requires testing.

The following procedure is almost always going to be overkill, but it is much simpler to present (and follow) a comprehensive procedure than to explain all the variety of different mods and different uninstall requirements for each of them, this is a uniform catch all procedure.

The Steps
NOTE: To travel to the Testing Hall, type "coc qasmoke" (without quotes) in the game console. Note that if you pick up or open or use anything in here it will create savegame corruption and possibly ctd, also when you wish to exit from this testing hall, you will need to travel out using the console command "coc <cellname>" (without quotes). The <cellname> must be replaced with the name of the cell you would wish to travel to. Before traveling to the Testing Hall, it is a good idea to know the cell name of where you would wish to return to. To discover the cell name of this place, be present at that location and type "help <location> 0" (without quotes) in the game console. The <location> must be replaced with name of the location. I.e. "help breezehome 0" (without quotes) will tell you that the correct code is WhiterunBreezehome or that Sovngarde can be reached with Sovngarde01.

1. Open (or create) SkyrimCustom.ini file in .../My Documents/My Games/Skyrim. Add the following lines to that file. This will create a log so you can see just how much crap is in your savegame currently and how much is removed by the procedure. Alternatively you can just add these lines to Skyrim.ini or change the =0 to =1 if they already exist.

bLoadDebugInformation = 1

2. With these settings on, the game will create a new folder at “...\My Documents\My Games\Skyrim\Logs\Script”. Your logs will appear inside that folder, named Papyrus.#.log with the # number going from 0 to 3. The 0 log is always the newest with older logs cycling through the increasing numbers.
3. Download and install the No Boring Sleep-Wait Menu mod from Skyrim Nexus. This mod will allow you to wait for 31 days without having to wait 24 hours 31 times, due to the limitations of the default vanilla wait menu. This mod was created with mod cleaning in mind.
4. Deactivate or uninstall any mods that require you to eat, sleep, drink, stay warm, etc, to survive, such as Total Realism - Basic Needs. If you do not disable these, your character will die instantly after following these steps due to starvation, dehydration, etc.
5. If you are uninstalling mod(s) you will need to strip naked and store your gear in a player home (if you don't have one yet, use anywhere that is listed in safe places link above, make a backup save just in case).
6. Check and make sure your active effects are clear, if not then click on yourself and type this in the game console: "dispelallspells" (without quotes) and recheck active effects. This will cure vampirism and lycanthropy so if you have one of those, you must add it back with console after finishing the procedure.
7. Make a new save by typing "save <name>" (without quotes) in the game console. If the name contains spaces, it must be enclosed in double-quotes, i.e. save "My Skyrim Save" make sure this is a unique name.
8. Exit Skyrim by typing "qqq" (without quotes) into the game console.
9. Uninstall the mod(s) you no longer wish or are upgrading. Or (NOT and), install the mod(s) you would like to have in Skyrim. If doing both first uninstall and complete the entire procedure, then install new mods and complete the entire procedure again.
10. Load your savegame. Ignore the notice that the savegame is missing content if it appears.
11. Travel to another world space that IS NOT classed as the Skyrim world space. The best options are the Skyrim Testing Hall or an empty unmodded player home. See the Testing Hall note above.
12. Once in the Testing Hall or home DO NOT pick up or open or use anything!, open the game console and type "pcb" (without quotes).
13. Next, in the game console, type "tfc" (without quotes). This will enable free camera mode, and will help reduce the waiting time required for 31 days to pass.
14. Exit the game console, and press "T" on your keyboard to enable the waiting menu. The change in appearance is due to the No Boring Sleep-Wait Menu mod you installed.
15. Move the slider all the way to the right until 31 days appears.
16. Press "Enter" on your keyboard. You will need to wait for 2-3 minutes if you toggled free camera mode with the "tfc" command, or 12 minutes if you did not.
17. Next, in the game console, type "tfc" (without quotes). This will disable the free camera mode that was enabled before.
18. Make a new save by typing "save <name>" (without quotes) into the game console. If the name contains spaces, it must be enclosed in double-quotes, i.e. save "My Skyrim Save" make sure this is a unique name.
19. Exit Skyrim by typing "qqq" (without quotes) into the game console.
20. Rename skyrimcustom.ini (so it doesn't load and you won't have to recreate it later if you need it again) or change Skyrim.ini settings added above =0. Now check the logs to see what changed and to make sure you don't have crazy errors.
21. Reactivate your realism mods, start Skyrim and load your save.
22. Open the game console and type "pcb" again (without quotes).
23. Travel to your preferred destination using the game console "coc <cellname>" (without quotes).
24. Play! (Thanks to apoJake, MontyMM, Madwizard25, and Frihyland for contributions).

Realistic Water Textures & Terrain
This mod is no longer developed, and has been replaced by a new mod, named WATER. However, after the removal of this mod it is very likely that any saved games that relied upon it will suffer from missing water textures and other bugs. Please refer to the “Mods and Saves” section above for advice.


Hope that helps
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Thanks for the reply, the only mod I'm using are
Follower trap
Bloodier combat
Explosive arrow
Phenderix magic Evolved

So These logs really don't show what truly caused an immediate shutdown of the game engine, oh well.
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