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Garrysmod, Tf2 And invisible downloading issues?

I also posted this on facepunch as it was heavily related to Gmod also... but anyways, What is happening is, When i try to launch garrysmod it will launch but only to the "loading" screen and no blue bar shows up.. 2 hours later, still there. I close it and i try to verify the integrity of cache to see if any files are missing.. But nah, i get this error "Please exit any running games or tools before attempting to verify your game cache"

The catch is, i've checked over and over again and there is NOTHING open. There was a recent update (Which only seems to have been for me) for around 80MB and after that, it just broke.
Another weird thing happening is that TF2 seems to want to re-download 3.8GB and i can verify its cache but it wont actually verify the cache FILES.. the other part just sits at 100%
I can't pause the TF2 download either unless i try to verify then cancel.. And even then, my banwidth monitor shows that steam is trying to download something but i've looked everywhere and its not showing up. Tools/games or anything.. And it's constant too. So far it has downloaded 300MB. I don't really want to allow this to continue..

I honestly have no idea how to counter this and for the record, i did restart steam and i did restart my computer.
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