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Portal 2 crashes

I bought Portal 2 yesterday as it was on sale for the Summer Sale. I bought the two pack and gave my code to a friend (who has a bad download speed and has yet to play the game). Anyway, I havent had trouble with downloading the game, but whenever I launch it, the game either:

A. BSOD that shuts down my computer
B. Black screen that shuts down my computer
C. Freeze my computer to where I have to reboot it (can't even start task manager)

I have been dying to play this game ever since I finished the first game. I've tried multiple fixes such as: re-download, verify integrity of game cache, set various launch parameters (-dxlevel 80, -novid), install steam to my C:\ drive and re-install Portal, launch portal2.exe in compatability mode with windows xp (Sp 2 i believe, could be 3), disabling Steam community in-game, and other options among that.

My computer specs are:

Processor: AMD FX-6100 six-core
Video: AMD Radeon HD 6850

Thanks in advance, and I hope this can help others who experience these problems (if there is anyone else). Any help I can get is greatly appriciated.

p.s.: this is my first post on any kind of forum so i'm sorry if its organized horribly, etc.
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If you can, roll back your AMD video drivers to a pre-2012 date. If you can't, find them online and manually install them. Disable the Catalyst center. That MIGHT help, but I don't really know.

Also, you have a 6-core processor. That too has become a bit of a repeated issue around here. You might need to ask Support about it, I don't know what fixes there are for it.
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Hello all,

I made an account to post this.

The problem you are experiencing is related to the Bulldozer architecture CPUs. Also known as, fx 4100, fx 6120, fx 8120, fx 8150.

You have to update your BIOS on your motherboard. I did this last night and for the first time in 2 months I have been able to play portal 2 again. (on my old Phenom pc it worked fine).

If you tell me the make of your motherboard OP I will be happy to tell you how to do this.

If you do not know the make of your motherboard download CPUID and it should tell you.

This applies to anyone with FX cpus!
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