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Red face White Screen of Death... Cannot do anything.

Whenever I try to open up Source Filmmaker, it opens up normally. It does the splash screen like normal. After it is done loading, it opens up the menu for loading/creating a new session. At the moment of loading that menu, the filmmaker itself minimizes. I cannot view it again. I can look at the preview (windows 7), in which case I see a white screen.

I have tried moving all of my sessions to a different folder.
I have tried verifying the game cache files, too.

I've been using this program for 3 days now, and then it does this all of the sudden.

Any help would be appreciated.
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If a white screen is showing when you start the SFM and crashes when you click on it:


Click the Windows Orb (Start Button), and type "Regedit" in the "Run" field.
If you're asked to give permission to allow it to run, say yes.
Expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Software, Valve, SourceFilmmaker
Right-click "NewSessionWizard" and select "Export" (this is to save your settings just in case). Save the file somewhere you can find it.
Right-click "NewSessionWizard" and select "Delete". Confirm you wish to delete it.
Launch SFM and hopefully you should be back to square one.

I had the same problem mate, tried this and it worked.
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Thanks a lot ivanskaterxD, it worked.
It appeared that my default new project name (the Directory key in the regedit folder you pointed out) ended with a dot, for some reason, and this made the SFM freeze at startup, just like Desseler.
I just edited my Directory key and everything came back like in the old days.

Thanks again.
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Same problem here, it started out of nowhere yesterday and it was the third time I run the application that day.

I tried what you suggested and it didn't work, it still stays minimized and shows no sign of wanting to cooperate. Do I have to do something specific after deleting that reg entry? Like, start a new session and load from there or something? Because "Open recent" stays and does the same as before (which is nothing).
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