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Weird Glitch


Started up "The Asian Dynasties" from Steam, and decided to click "Learn to Play" to check out if the tutorial had an Asian theme to it.

Seeing that it didn't, I selected Resign from the menu and then Quit.

To my surprise, the Asian aesthetic for the main menu was replaced with a European one, similar to the one from the original campaign. Tried out a mission and even restarted to see if it would "jolt" the menu back to default, to no avail.

Minor glitch, but I was wondering if anyone has ever run into this or might even have a solution. If anything I could always try to reinstall.

Thank you in advance.
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It's not a glitch. The backdrop of the menu screen is the home city whichever civilization you played as last. The tutorial has you play as the British, so the menu had the backdrop of a British home city when you returned to it. I don't remember which city the game defaults to on the first run, but you can switch it back to the "Asian aesthetic" by playing as China, Japan or India.

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