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AOE Complete not letting me access expansions

I just bought AOE Complete and this is my first time using Steam. I launched the game and although the intro shows asian dynasties and warchiefs, when the game actually opens up, I only have the option to choose from the European colonies. Also, when I launched the game, it never asked for my key. I did have the basic version of AOE installed on my computer with the Warchiefs expansion before I installed the Steam version, and I never uninstalled my original version. Could that have interferred with my Steam installation?
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Yes, it most likely have interfered. Fully uninstall the old installation and then re-download the Complete Collection from Steam and you should be prompted to enter a CD-key when you run it the first time.
Not sure if there is a simpler way to do it... Good luck!
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As Slaizt mentioned, you'll want to make sure to fully uninstall the game from your machine prior to installing via steam. Also with regards to specific civs, when you launch TAD - try playing a skirmish game and see if it allows you to play all civs or just a select few.
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