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What Version Do I Have?

I have bought the Fate Of The World a good time ago and have not payed for any dlc or upgrade. Steam says that I already have FotW: Tip Point. When I go to the "normal" FotW, it also says that I have it. Ok .... But if I clikc on the "Migration" dlc it says that I dont have it.

My doubt is: I have or I dont have the Tip Point? I did not bought it. Did Steam upgraded it for free or is a bug on the page?
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I am having the same issue. I believe I bought the game from one of the indie bundles and steam says that I own the tipping point edition when I go to that page... yet when I check the DLC tab from the properties option on the library page it shows "You currently have no downloadable content for this game".

I'd like to know if I should have access to the content from Migration and Denial and it's just a bug, or if I need to buy the DLC separately.
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This is something that interests me as well :-/
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