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Unhappy Playing L4D2 in LAN without an internet connection?

Hi, first of all, if this has been already posted I'm really, truly sorry.

Otherwise, I could really use a hand here.

I'm about to do a LANParty with three other friends. The this is, we won't be able to connect all four computers AND have an internet connection at the same time, so we'll have to play the games in offline mode. Now, everyone has purchased a copy of Left 4 Dead 2, so there's no "legal turnaround" or anything (I'm really sorry if this term doesn't really exist; English is not my mother tongue :P).

The thing is, I really have no clue as of how to host a LAN Left 4 Dead 2 game, either a lobby or anything. I tried creating a server with setting Local in the options, but, apparently, it still requires a connection. I also tried using the Left 4 Dead 2 Dedicated Server from the Tools Library but, although it supposedly "created" the server, I tried to join from the same computer (right now I'm doing all these experiments by myself; tomorrow I'll be able to try it out with a friend) and it doesn't find it. Neither in the Campaign -> Play with friends, nor in the Campaign -> Steam Groups section. I even tried with openserverbrowser in the LAN tab, but with no avail.

I should also clarify that I've already Enabled the detection of LAN servers in the options...

I've apparently found a solution for this, but it involves a different shortcut, and the creation of the server through the console, and I just find it really weird that there is no simple LAN creating option in the game, being such an awesome choice for LAN Parties and the like.

On the other hand, I may be just dumb and may have overseen it in the first place :P

So, could anyone PLEASE help me? I'd appreciate it a lot. Thanks!
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Yes it's possible. This should work, though it's a little dated.

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Thank you very much!

It's a shame there isn't an option like a LAN Lobby, or something like that. Anyway, thank you very much!
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Just about all Routers come with at least 4 ports.
In which case all you'd have to do is this:

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