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Red face MW2 can't connect servers

I press find game>TDM and i have t owait atleast 40min before i find some games and players, i have to go to privete match w/ my friend and then i can connect to online games.
I have seen many forums with this problem.
My NAT is open and router is ok, don't tell me that bull♥♥♥♥ about buying new one and setting up it properly. 2 my friends have that problem (i have only 2 freiends palying mw2)
Mw3 seems to work just fine
I am on PC Windows7
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Its because there is only ever like 100 people on mw2's tdm any more. 1000 is the most I've seen in a long long time. its a dead game
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Lightbulb Region issues

I think you've got wrong region set up in Steam setting, or maybe noone's just playing. Try to switch it to something like "New York (USA)" and check it out.
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Thats quite normal on MW2 I have the same thing the first match I have to wait a half hour to find one but after that match it goes way faster
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